The runners are the best at running races!


But we can hardly talk about anything we only meet, run and say goodbye. We would like to be with you, get to know you, collect and share experiences.


The Deseda UltraMarathon is a real meeting of runners!


In one place, on August 12-13, 2017 two days. Enjoying Hungary s longest non-stop running race, in a beautiful environment, by day and night. However prepared you are, you will surely find a suitable distance to yourselves, between 7 and 252 kms. The newly finished bike road around Lake Deseda is 14 kms and goes through forests, fields, holiday resorts and vineyards. A mainly flat, a bit wavy running route, with some short but not steep elevations.


The Deseda UltraMarathon is more than just a race!


You can support runners without going anywhere, because lap by lap all the racers arrive at the race center, which is the central relay point. You can have a parking place, set up a tent for resting, relax, bathe in the lake and visit the exhibitors offers. You will have time for everything. You will see your running partners and friends, who you have only seen for a moment or you have only written to on the facebook. You can talk to people who have run in front of you or behind you so far.


The Deseda UltraMarathon makes you come together!


If you want, we can have a short (running) wedding, we will have a lot of time a whole night! We are expecting workplace teams, who bake, cook and support their runners ? it is perfect for building a team, too. The EXPO will be open for two days and there will be visitors at the exhibiting tents. The free plage will be ready for bathing and the visitors center will introduce the plants and animals of Lake Deseda. You can borrow water vehicles and support the others from the water of the Lake.


The Deseda UltraMarathon is a tribute to the Sparthan Heroes!


We are expecting all Sparthan Hero to complete the distance they have had in their training plans here. For them we support a free training facility at any distance. You can get to know us on the stage. If someone wants to try how it feels like running at such a distance, they have the chance, because the distance and the duration is -Sparthan-, too.


The Deseda UltraMarathon is "DUMA" for short.


It is no time to talk but to run and build your running team. Dont talk, just come to DUMA and have a good time! We create the athmosphere to ourselves. I feel that we can make miracles with you! I am expecting your active participation. We will do everything that you could run the legendary distance. The beginning of check-in is January 23, 2016 You can come alone, in pairs, in triplets and in relays of six or twelve people. Organise immediately! The city of Kaposvár presents: Deseda UltraMarathon - The Hungarian Spartha.

We are expecting you to Kaposvár, to Lake Deseda.
Attila Peter and the team of FUSZEKLI